BizProtect Recover

When technology disaster strikes, what protection does your business have in place to keep your servers, data and reputation safe? Technology disaster can occur from internal mistakes, equipment failure, extreme weather events, cyberattack, ransomware or any other cause. When it occurs, it is your backup and recovery plans and systems that will determine how quickly your business returns to a functional state.

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

BizProtect Recover is the gold standard in automated cloud backup and recovery. With BizProtect Recover you have a cloud disaster recovery service that continuously replicates your servers and data to a secure Australian-based data centre. Your IT environment is preserved in its current state and quickly retrievable in a disaster.


Key Features Include:
  • Backup that scales as your data grows – As capacities of network storage systems expand it is important that backup solutions scale and can be completed in the available time windows. With fully monitored and managed backup solutions you can relax knowing your backup is always working.
  • Regular reporting – The only thing worse than having no backup is believing you do, then learning you don’t at the worst possible time. With our managed service, regular reporting and regular testing you will have confidence.
  • Offsite Cloud Recovery – Keeping your data protected offsite is a critical first step, however how do you ensure your business returns quickly to a functional state? Cloud Recovery provides access to your preserved IT environment, even when your on-premises environment cannot be accessed.

Our variety of plans allows you to select a solution that fits your requirements.