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Disaster-proof your business!

Throw out your old backup systems?

Traditional backup systems are no longer good enough!

Most businesses today have the misconception that any backup system will fully protect their data from disaster. The catastrophe is that many don't realise the limitations of traditional backup systems until disaster strikes.

Traditional systems such as tapes promise to fully recover your data during disaster but the reality is that they lose you hours of productivity and possibly days of data! Traditional backup systems are far from an optimal disaster recovery solution.

An optimal backup system should be an automated process. It takes frequent snapshots of your data to capture the most up to date version before time of disaster. Optimal backup recovers information quickly with minimal downtime and should never fail. When disaster strikes, the time it takes to get up and running again can make all the difference.

BizProtect is the optimal backup system. Using a State of the Art Recovery Box, businesses will be protected from data loss of any magnitude. Whether it is an accidentally deleted file or a building fire, BizProtect captures your data and recovers it quickly!

Tapes and hard drives only make disaster recovery more painful. BizProtect automates and guarantees against the loss of any business data.

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